About Dr.Qu


The Founder
Graduated from National Medical University in 1945 specializing in dermatology and venereology,  Professer Qu KuiZun was :

- Chief Physician of Dermatology  Section of Qingdao City Hospital
- Professor of the Dermatology Teaching and Research Section, Faculty of Medicine,  
  Qingdao University
- Director of the Dermatological Institute

Professor Qu KuiZun,  devoted more than fifty years of his life conducting clinical observations and tests into the causes of the skin problems since 1946.

He won numerous awards and recommendations from various international bodies as a recognition for his achievements in this highly specialized field.  He won an honorary title of National Excellent Scientist in Qingdao, his birthplace.
Based on his rich experience in the field of dermatology and the combination of Scientific Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine, he invented "Demodicidin", one of the greatest inventions in skin care. Now, the formula is made available in a proven herbal based skin care range called "DR QU“, for the maintenance of skin and hair, since 1989!
By using pathological experiment and clinical Demodex killing and treatment observation, he discovered that 97.68% of people skin has the Demodex. When Parasitic stay in the skin for long time, the hair follicle is enlarge, resulting in hair loss and rough and aging skin.   

DR QU is the great scientific achievement of Dr Qu Kui Zun, verified by the experts around the world.