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Dr Qu Cleansing Bar (Medical - Special Treatment)

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Terms and Conditions

Dr Qu Cleansing Bar (Medical – Special Treatment) can be used for both Face and Body.

Under our skin, there are Demodex parasite, Folliculorum and Demodex sebum D. When bathing, it will be excellent to use Dr Qu cleansing bar. This cleansing bar adopts natural herbs that directly kill Demodex in action. It clears oily skin without clogging up follicles and it also serves to protect skin drainage, secrete, absorb and normal physiology function. It promotes metabolism, strengthens immunity, prevents Acne Rosacea, Acne vulgarize and grain itch, Acne pimple, Fungus, Hong Kong Foot and general skin inflammation diseases.

This cleansing bar eliminates Demodex without affecting the skin natural moisture and oil balance. It also prevents blackheads and does not irritate the skin.

Available in 125GM / BOX

Natural Demodicidin and many natural skincare plants essence combine series. It contains 30 more of nutrients ingredients such as Multiple Amino-Acid, Multi-Vitamins, Multiple Trace Elements etc.

Direction for use
Rinse body first, then directly (or with a towel) scrub the whole body with the cleansing bar. Scrub thoroughly around oily areas, then rinse off with clean water. For more effective results, rub on wet affected skin, leave for 2-3 minutes before washing off. Those with dry skin, should apply Dr Qu Body Lotion after their shower.

If there are more Demodex or Acne Rosacea/Acne Vulgarize & Gain Itch or Acne Pimple develop after use, wash with lukewarm water and Dr Qu Special Cleansing Bar to move dirt and grease. Then with clean wet fingers rub on the Dr Qu Special Cleansing Bar and apply evenly on the affected  areas. Leave the lather overnight and wash away the next morning (till it penetrates deep into burrow to the mite). This special Cleansing Bar can be used as a prophylactic for the family members.