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Contains natural Demodicidin which can effectively inhibit Demodex activity and multiplication. It is proven that Demodex survives in hair follicles and sebaceous gland by sucking out the nutrients. Natural nutritional elements effectively readjust the physiological function of the skin as well as maintaining the skin natural moisture, oil balance and metabolism. It leaves your skin healthy, soft and smooth.

Available in 120ML / TUBE

Natural Demodicidin and natural plant and more than 40 kinds of natural nutrition elements- the herbal extracts, 18 types amino-acids, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements and anti-aging (SOD)elements.

Direction for use
Wash body with Dr Qu Body Foam and towel dry. Apply Dr Qu Body Lotion onto skin by gently massaging lotion to make skin smoother, tender, more resistant and refreshing.